Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inspiration: The Dance Shack

I've always loved to dance, but was never able to take dance lessons. Something about being in a family of 9 and my mom thinking that if I didn't practice the piano then I wouldn't practice dance. The only problem was that I hated the piano, and I loved to dance. (However I am grateful for the piano lessons as well.)

Since then I danced a couple years on the high school dance team (half time stuff) and a couple semesters in college. Plus I learned Hula when I was 16 from my great friend, Gairyn, and then took classes while in Hawaii for 2 years.

When I had my own daughter I wanted her to be able to take dance classes w/0 going broke. I also did not want price to hinder any other child's desire to just dance. I started off teaching hip hop/hula from my home about 4 years ago. Nothing crazy, just something for kids to have fun. I also had a friend teach ballet/jazz.

Since then I have claimed my front room back and now teach out of a studio. I have also been teaching adult Hula classes from the City of Glendale for about 3 years now. I love teaching all ages. It is great to get out a couple hours a week and do something I love.

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