Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inspiration: Muffie-The Door Muffler

When my third child was born I was surprised and disappointed when he wasn't a deep sleeper and the slightest noise would wake him up. His door would rattle when the AC came on or when someone would open any other door in the house. Even when I closed the door behind me after putting him down, he would wake up.

Frustration turned on my MacGyver mode and I started messing with different solutions. Finally I came up with this very simple design that solved three of my problems:

  1. The light sleeping baby (I can enter and exit w/o him moving).
  2. The rattling door (Even w/0 a sleeping baby, the noise was annoying).
  3. The slamming door (Comes in handy when older children feel the need to slam their door on other children...not that the Muffie makes door slamming all right).

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

You're so clever! I love all your ideas!!