Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Dwipee

Price: $25

Made from High Quality upholstery fabric and strong elastic. Comes with wipe insert.
(For inspiration of the Dwipee see post below.)

Available Dwipees

Want a Matching bag? Check out my sister's company:
She and I have various matching options.


Miss Tailor said...

I like the embellishments! Where did you get them?

Rebecca said...

looks good! oh and how was your boutique? well you got some good ideas. I'll try to spread the word although we all know how that will probably go! i guess I'm just a slacker! =]

Rebecca said...

Okay, so have you tried marketing your idea to Huggies? Since your product is designed around their wipe carrier. You probably already thought of that, but if they were smart, they'd jump all over it.