Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Dwipee

Price: $25

Made from High Quality upholstery fabric and strong elastic. Comes with wipe insert.
(For inspiration of the Dwipee see post below.)

Available Dwipees

Want a Matching bag? Check out my sister's company:
She and I have various matching options.

Inspiration: Dwipee-The diaper organizer

As a mother of three I have struggled over the years with unorganized diaper bags and awkward changing table experiences.

I have been using the concept of this idea since my first child was born in 2001. Then on May 7, 2007 I finally designed a diaper/wipe compact around the new huggie's wipe container.
Unlike current diaper wipe holders, mine is not a “one size fits all”. Mine adjust to fits individual daily needs. Whether it is a day trip on the airplane, or a quick trip to the store. My product is perfect for the job.

Other diaper wipe holders are basically a bag within a bag where everything has to be taken out. Mine is more of a compact; think of a make-up compact that fits easily into a purse and is easy to use, no mess to deal with. My product accentuates the current Huggie’s wipe containers that open in the center, making it just one less item to take up space on those small changing tables.

We all can use more organization that adjusts to our daily needs. One product that can easily be moved from bag to purse. And on top of that, bring order to the small space afforded by changing tables.This is how my product has helped me and now it is time to help every mother out there…or dad :)

The Muffie

The Door Muffler
See inspiration below

Inspiration: Muffie-The Door Muffler

When my third child was born I was surprised and disappointed when he wasn't a deep sleeper and the slightest noise would wake him up. His door would rattle when the AC came on or when someone would open any other door in the house. Even when I closed the door behind me after putting him down, he would wake up.

Frustration turned on my MacGyver mode and I started messing with different solutions. Finally I came up with this very simple design that solved three of my problems:

  1. The light sleeping baby (I can enter and exit w/o him moving).
  2. The rattling door (Even w/0 a sleeping baby, the noise was annoying).
  3. The slamming door (Comes in handy when older children feel the need to slam their door on other children...not that the Muffie makes door slamming all right).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Dance Shack

Location 1:
Stage Door Dance Studio--73rd Ave. & Bell Road
6:00-6:35 ages 4-9ish $30/month
6:35-7:00 ages 10-up (little ones go home)$35/month
Classes begin each month.

*There are no costume or recital fees. We hold a recital for parents at our local church w/ refreshments after. This fall session we plan to hold a recital at a nursing home for those who may never get to go to Hawaii again, or for the first time.

Location 2:
Foothills Rec Center--57th and Union Hills

8:15-9:15PM ages 12 and up.
This session will start again mid January. Look for it online @ the Glendale Parks & Rec page.

Party Entertainment:
*Small Parties(just me)
1/2 hour of hula entertainment and interactive instruction: $50
*Big Parties(Me and my family and some of my students)
1/2 hour of hula entertainment and interactive instruction: $100

For inspiration of the Dance Shack see below.

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Inspiration: The Dance Shack

I've always loved to dance, but was never able to take dance lessons. Something about being in a family of 9 and my mom thinking that if I didn't practice the piano then I wouldn't practice dance. The only problem was that I hated the piano, and I loved to dance. (However I am grateful for the piano lessons as well.)

Since then I danced a couple years on the high school dance team (half time stuff) and a couple semesters in college. Plus I learned Hula when I was 16 from my great friend, Gairyn, and then took classes while in Hawaii for 2 years.

When I had my own daughter I wanted her to be able to take dance classes w/0 going broke. I also did not want price to hinder any other child's desire to just dance. I started off teaching hip hop/hula from my home about 4 years ago. Nothing crazy, just something for kids to have fun. I also had a friend teach ballet/jazz.

Since then I have claimed my front room back and now teach out of a studio. I have also been teaching adult Hula classes from the City of Glendale for about 3 years now. I love teaching all ages. It is great to get out a couple hours a week and do something I love.